Black And White World Map Wall Art USA 2022

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if you find a world map for your home wall decor art so you’re searching the end now. Map posters give a global overview and are excellent wall decorations for homes of all ages. a world amp also perfects home decor for kids room kids.
You can decorate a blank wall with map wall art, adding charm and interest to any room. It can be large or small, framed or unframed, in any color or style you like – just shape it and let it fit into your decor.


Having a vintage map of your hometown is a great idea, you can also decide on a regional or country map, or even a world map with the places you’ve been. Organize your map in a fun way – make string art, furniture that doubles as wall art, a hex tilemap, or use LED lights to illuminate your travels. we do all the research and list the top 5+ Black And White World Map and also take affordability and durability.
so let’s find the best Black And White World Map Wall Art for your home wall.

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list of Black And White World Map Wall Art USA 2021

1.Tapestry World Map,Capsceoll Map Hanging Wall Hanging Decorations Outdoor Wall Hanging Wall Art

It is standard size 80×60 (200X150cm). There are four sizes available for the map tapestry, 80×60 Inches, 60×60 Inches, 60×50 Inches, and 50×60 Inches, so you can choose the one that best suits your home decor.

A tapestry world map from this collection is made of durable polyester fabric, which will stand up to daily use. In addition to being healthy, it feels soft and feels soft on the human body, without being harmful to the skin.

Featuring advanced HD printing technology, this world map wall is very vibrant and the pattern is vivid, a great addition to your room wall, you won’t have to worry about it fading over time.

Keeping this in mind as you shop for a simple world map tapestry kids, you may also find it useful as a classroom curtain, tablecloth, bedspread, picnic blanket, or almost anywhere you might need one. It is absolutely the quickest way to decorate your home.

It is a useful gift to give to your father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, teachers, at Christmas, on Thanksgiving Day, on Halloween.    

2.Black & White World  Map Continents World Map Black and White Globe Worldmap Earth


Black & White World Map - Map Continents World Map Black and White Globe Worldmap Earth

The dimensions and quality of this poster are 59.4 cm by 42 cm / 23.4 cm by 16.5 in. Produced in Germany on 170g quality paper with brilliant colors. An additional poster of New York is included with every order, measuring 42 x 119 cm / 46.9 x 16.5 in.

The poster can be mounted using double-sided tape, poster strips, or poster tack on the existing wallpaper/wall. Frames may be possible. The possibility of encroachment exists.
Mount the poster with permanent mounting spray adhesive and then attach it to MDF, wood, or cork. Be sure to press out bubbles and wrinkles (preferably with a cloth.

The perfect backdrop for your next project. You can decorate the living room, bedroom, dining room, office, kitchen, or hallway (decorations for waiting rooms are also appropriate). The playroom, the changing room, or even a corner in the nursery are just a few possibilities for these children’s themes. It is a perfect gift for the child of a friend, family member, or colleague.

The poster is Din A2, and the poster is of New York. There is an additional poster included in the Attention Packaging. Carefully and completely roll up the paper. Make sure to follow the directions on the roll. Each poster is rolled up and placed inside a roll.

3.Canvas Wall Art for Office Wall Decor for Living Room

 Including the frame, three 16″ x 32″ panels (40cm x 80cm total).  PERFECT FOR WALL DECORATIONS IN LIVING ROOM, BEDROOM, KITCHEN, BATHROOM, PUBLIC AREA, OFFICE, AND MORE. 

With fittings and accessories, each gallery-wrapped canvas panel is ready to hang. 

 HD prints on premium canvas with excellent quality, waterproof, UV resistant, fade-resistant indoors. 

4.Autumn Dream World Map Black and White Psychedelic Tapestry Wall Hanging Arts

 THE TEXTILES HAVE BEEN PRINTED IN HIGH DEFINITION Using digital printing technology. The breathtaking patterns of the World map tapestry, combined with the vivid white and black colors, make it a unique work of art that enhances the ambiance of any room. 

 OCCASION A great gift for any occasion, wall hangings, dorm decorations, beach towels, picnic blankets, porch hangings, table cloths, bedspreads or couch covers. 

 (50×59 inches) Tapestry included in the package. Nails and hooks that are not traceable will be provided free of charge. 

 WASHABLE Dry clean only or soak in cool water for gentle hand washing. Ironing and bleaching are not allowed.

5.Scratch Off Map of the World + USA Map

 Digital printing technology was used to print the texts in high definition. In addition to the breathtaking patterns of the tapestry, its vibrant white and black colors make it a unique piece which enhances the ambiance of any room. 

 Great gift idea for any occasion wall hangings, dorm room decorations, beach towels, picnic blankets, porch swings, tablecloths, bedspreads or couch covers. 

 This package includes a tapestry (50×59 inches). Hooks and nails that are not traceable will be offered for free. 

 Wash with cool water or dry clean only. The garments should not be ironed or bleached. 


There are two traveler maps included: one World Map (24 x 17 inches) and one US Map (18 x 13  inches). Detailed posters of every country and state you’ve visited can be created by scratching off the gold foil! 

 It is easy to scratch specific places off this map because it is made of top-notch material.   

 In addition to the included stickers and guitar pick scratcher, we’ve included bonus accessories that add more fun. In addition to the flags of the states, the map of the United States displays the capitals. 

It has a tag that can be personalized with the name of the recipient if it is a gift. Our map comes rolled up, but our flexible paper is sturdy enough to flatten easily, unlike the paper used by our competitors.

6.Krelymics Starry World Map Tapestry Black and White World Map

ABOUT THIS TAPESTRY Made from 100% polyester fabric, this tapestry is lightweight, breathable, soft, durable, and safe, and it can be hung or rolled up for indoor or outdoor use.
An HD printing technology is used to create a cool unique design for this world map tapestry. There is no need to worry about fading.
A good size choice has been provided to suit different living situations, such as an apartment, dorm room, or bedroom (51.2* L * 59.1* W; 59.1* L * 82.7* W).
HANDLING AND CARING This tapestry can be hung easily with decorative tacks or pins. Wet cleaning or gentle hand washing in cold water are both acceptable. Ironing it at a low temperature is also a simple process.
You can use this tapestry as a wall hanging, beach throw, picnic blanket, porch hanging, table cloth, bedspread, sofa cover, dorm decorations, ceiling decor, window curtain… It’s the ideal gift

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