Top 5+ Cobalt blue throw pillow covers USA 2022

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 Today we talk about the best Cobalt blue throw pillow covers so you are in right place. About the blue color, It is a color that makes me feel good when I see it. When I see it, I almost feel like I am in heaven For me, blue is the color of sincerity, inspiration, and spirituality. Blue is the color of sincerity and inspiration for me.

There are many articles on our website about home decor accessories, including throw pillows so we have AUTHORITY. Make sure you don’t underestimate the importance of pillow covers it not just a home accessory this is a home decorating statement a threw pillow cover comes with hundred of decorative designs, colors, or sizes you choose as per your requirements.

Throw pillow covers are ideal for any area in your home, like the bedroom, kids’ room, living room, or sofa. This style of pillow cover will brighten up any place in your home. We can make a stylish pillow cover apart from home decoration.

Currently, there are so many blue throw pillow covers in the USA available in the market, so to help you decide what is best for you if you are searching for a Cobalt blue throw pillow cover, we have compiled a list of colors and styles you can choose from.

The best way to save money on blue throw pillow covers in the USA is to buy them in multipacks rather than solo.

1.MERNETTE Pack of 2, Velvet Soft Decorative Square Throw Pillow Cover


The first on our list MERNETTE Pack of 2 Sapphire Blue throw Pillow covers come in a premium look as well as a soft touch. It’s perfect for sofa couches.
With this multipurpose pillow, you can cover your home, bedroom, bed, living room, sofa, bench, floor, car, party, wedding, dining room, and so on. A cushion cover like this can be matched with almost any type of furniture.

I love how this pillow cover zippers easily up and down my pillow and the zipper is hidden so I don’t have to worry about scratches on my face.
Make your living room look stylish and sophisticated with this blue pillow cover. After washing, it remains the same and as new.


  •  The material is velvet. It is very soft. Approximately 20 inches by 20 inches/50 centimeters by 50 centimeters. 
  •  Zipper that is hidden or invisible. The design is the same on both sides. 
  •  Just the cushion covers (two pieces). Insert nothing. There is no filler. 
  •  The item can be machine washed at a maximum temperature of 30°C on a gentle cycle. Bleach should not be used. Dry low in the tumble drier. Please do not iron.
  •  Dry cleaning should not be used. Made with fade-resistant and shrink-resistant fabric. Each wash keeps it the same as the last. 
  • The cushion covers would match any furniture perfectly. 

2.Exclusivo Mezcla 2-Pack Soft Fleece Throw Pillow Covers Cobalt blue throw pillow covers

This premium and gorgeous Cobalt Blue blue color pillow color size up to 20*20. The pillowcase is made of flannel fleece fabric and brushed to ensure that it is extra soft and attractive.

This pillow features a hidden zipper, so you can insert and remove the pillow insert without difficulty. Not just another pillow cover, this one is a fashion statement and can complement an existing decor style. The perfect gift for your friends and family.

The pillow features a strong and premium appearance and can serve as a decorative addition to any room or home decor.



  •  This throw pillow cover is made from a soft fleece fabric that was brushed to give it a lovely luster and extra softness.   
  •  The pillow insert is easily inserted and removed with the hidden zipper. The product features accurate cutting, strong seams, and strong stitches. 
  •  Decorative- These pillowcases are made to be simple but elegant, easily matching or accentuating existing home decor.   
  •  Care is easy – The pillow covers can be machine washed and dried and they would keep their shape after each washing. 
  •  Only two throw pills are included in the pack, no insert is included

3.Ravmix Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin, 100% 21Momme, with Hidden Zipper


big size blue color throw pillow cover with softness with health benefits. If you sleep on silk pillowcases, you will feel cool every time you turn over, and you will sleep better at night and have sweet dreams
A silk pillowcase has some health benefits Silk’s tight weave allows hair and skin to glide over it without any friction; it helps reduce facial wrinkles, prevent dry/ knotted hair and reduce hair loss by reducing friction. this beautiful blue throw pillow is made with 100% natural mulberry silk, great for anti-aging, perfect for all kinds of skin.
pillowcase also comes with a hidden zipper. it is a great pillow cover with health benefits and also gives a luxurious look.


  •  Silk’s tight weave lets the hair and skin slide over the pillowcase very gently and freely, reducing friction between your skin and hair, preventing dry / knotted hair, and preventing hair loss. 
  •  If you sleep on silk pillowcases, you will feel cool every time you turn over, and you will sleep better at night and have sweet dreams 
  •  The hidden zipper closure design keeps the silk pillowcase from moving around when sleeping. 
  • Ravmix silk pillowcases are made from 100% natural mulberry silk, perfect for anti-aging, and suitable for most types of skin. They are fastened at the end with a hidden zipper. 
  • Gift box packaging for 1 silk pillowcase! The best thing about getting two or more is the fact that you can wash one and then use the other as a backup. 
  • We believe you will find it useful when traveling!  


4.MIULEE Pack of 2 Decorative Velvet Throw Pillow Cover Soft Dark Blue

2 pack of blue color pillow cover with gorgeous looks size up to 26*26 so size available on your demand and also a color option but in this article, we show only collect blue color throw pillow cover and this one of premium blue color pillow hand-cutting and sewing pillow cover.
Covers will have different colors depending on the light intensity and angle, since silver-tinted surfaces reflect different quantities of light, this is a normal phenomenon.


  • 2 x 18-inch pillowcases without inserts. Because the item is hand-cut and sewn, there may be a 12cm deviation. Different lights or screens may affect the color. 
  •   The softness and environmental properties of velvet make it a popular choice. A smooth zipper hides the zip.
  •  To prevent fraying and ensure durability, all fabric edges are well stitched. 
  • It can be used on a sofa, bed, at home, in an office, etc. 
  •   The production process involves forming the pillow cover surface with silver reflective. This results in the different hues appearing due to different light intensities and angles and is not related to the “quality” of the pillow cover. 
  • Inserting and removing the pillow inserts is easy with this system. 
  • You can make it look brand new by washing it separately in the machine, using a gentle cycle, not bleaching, not ironing, and not tumble drying it. 
  •  By providing premium quality, MIULEE strives to provide you with a better living environment.  


5.Artcest Set of 2, Decorative Velvet Bed Throw Pillow Case


  •  This pack includes two 16″ x 16″ square accent pillow covers, a traditional pair with no inserts attached. 
  •  The front side is made up of thick, thick 2 layers of quilted velvet. The pleated stripes add a durable touch.   
  •  The backside of the story. Solid, smooth velvet with a plain appearance. It is comfortable to sleep on or lean against. A soft, cozy fit for your head, neck, back, and waist. Choose a warm winter outfit. 
  •  This toss pillow cover has a decorative zipper along one edge that is well hidden. The inner can be easily removed by unzipping. 
  •  WASHING LABEL. Machine wash or hand wash. Set the dryer to low. The best drying method is air drying. Bleach should not be used. Please do not iron. Bring Steam to life. 

6.TangDepot Cotton Solid Throw Pillow Covers, 22″ x 22″  Royal Blue


  •   Throw pillow cover with removable accents (NOT INCLUDED: Insert and Cover only). The shirt is made of 100% cotton.   
  •   A 22″x22″ square of royal blue. The pillow cover has the same color on both the front and back. You can use it in any room of your home – bedroom, guest room, kids room, RV, or vacation home. 
  • Gift idea for men and women, Moms and Dads, Valentine’s – Mother’s – Father’s Day, and Christmas. 
  •   Soft and textured, it features an invisible zipper that matches the color of the pillow insert and can be easily inserted and removed.   
  •  We offer a variety of sizes for all areas of the house – bedroom, guest room, kid’s room, RV, vacation home, and rectangular lumbar pillow covers. 
  • The perfect gift for men and women, as well as for Valentine’s, Mother’s, and Father’s Day. 
  • This throw pillow cover/cushion cover/decorative pillow cover can be used both indoor and outdoor 
  • 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed at TangDepot, or you will receive a full refund. 
  • You may cancel your order by sending one simple email, and you will receive a full refund (returning the pillowcases is not necessary). 


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