Decor Hello Gorgeous Bathroom Set USA 2022

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Decor Hello Gorgeous Bathroom Set USA 2021

1.Ambesonne Hello Gorgeous Bath Mat


  •  Also perfect for your kitchen or any room you need a cozy step. DECORATIVE BATHMAT – You can also use it in your bathroom. 
  •  A plush surface with an anti-slip backing that is 29.5 inches wide x 17.5 inches long. 
  •  The backing is perfect for all floors; it won’t damage yours. Water-resistant and fast-drying. 
  •  Wash on a cold delicate cycle to take care of the garment. The effects last a long time. Shedding and fading are not present. 
  •  Digital printing technology is used to produce the printed product. Printing and design are proudly done in the United States. 

2.Front Door Mat Muikoo Welcome Mat Hello Gorgeous Machine Washable Rubber Non Slip


  • SAFE AND DURABLE Rubber and felt material make the Doormat durable and safe. Non-slip backing contributes to the mat’s stability on the floor and ensures that it doesn’t slide around too easily.
  •  No matter where you place it, it can help you avoid slipping. The mat is easy to clean and supports machine washing, also simply shake the mat, the dirt will disappear. 
  • The Rubber Doormat is designed for use indoors and outdoors. It can absorb moisture, collect dirt and dust. Keep dirt and dust out of your house and keep it clean. 
  • The outdoor or entryway version has measurements of 23.6″ (W) X 15.7″ (L). The pattern is a one-sided printing, using heat dye sublimation. 
  • It adds a tasteful touch to your front door, home, lobby, farmhouse, office, patio, garage, bathroom, business, living space, and many more common areas. 
  • AN EXCELLENT GIFT This novelty doormat can be a wonderful addition to any house. 
  • This is really a great mat that you can use both inside and outside. Regardless of the occasion, it will be a great gift. 

3.Hello Gorgeous Welcome Mats for Indoor Outdoor, Pink Lips


  •  Fabric is made of flannel (100% polyester), which is super soft, comfortable, and thick. With a unique greeting slogan print and precisely stitched edge, this product adds color to your home and is durable to use. 
  •  Keeping the mat in place is made easier thanks to a non-skid rubber backing. this doormat will arrive folded for ease of shipping. Please unfold it once it arrives to erase the crease.) 
  •  A mat this size is perfect for use in entryways, porches, patios, garages, side doors, bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and other areas with lots of foot traffic. 
  •  Dirt, mud, sand, and dust can be captured by it. Despite being machine washable, this rug is very easy to clean. Simply sweep it briskly. 
  • By rinsing it with a hose, and letting it air dry, you can achieve a more thorough clean. 
  •  It is the perfect gift for a friend or family as it is a great home decor item

4.Elrene Home Fashions Hello Gorgeous Word Novelty Soft Plush Absorbent Mat


  •  Rationale: 98% Cotton, 1% Rayon 
  •  This cute animation features the phrase “Hello Gorgeous” and cute eyelashes 
  •  Rugs can be used outside the bathtub, in the shower, at the vanity, or at the sink. The size of the painting is 20″ x 30″ 
  •  Easy to take care of, machine washable 
  •  The rug is sold individually 
  •  The material is made up of 99% cotton and 1% rayon 

5. Hello Gorgeous Corgi Lover Dog Owner Friend Gift Funny Bathroom 


  •  The difference between cotton and rayon is 98 % 
  •  The animated greeting “Hello Gorgeous” contains cute eyelashes and the phrase “Hello Gorgeous.” 
  •  It is possible to use a rug outside the bathtub, in the shower, at the sink, or on the vanity. 20″ x 30″ is the size of the painting 
  •  Machine washable and easy to maintain 
  •  There is an individual price for the rug 
  •  Cotton and rayon make up 99% of the material 

6.Hello Gorgeous Doormats, Pink Striped Non Slip Welcome Mats


  •  It is made from flannel material (100% polyester), which is super soft, comfortable, and thick for your feet. 
  • With a unique greeting slogan print and precisely stitched edge, this product adds color to your home and is durable to use. 
  •  The backing of the entry mat is made of anti-slip rubber, which enhances the stability and keeps it in place.
  •  This mat will be folded for shipping convenience. When you receive it, unfold it and the crease will disappear in hours.) 
  •  This mat is 15.8×23.6 In, the perfect size for indoor and outdoor spaces such as entryways, porches, patios, garages, entryways, side doors, bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and other areas with a high volume of traffic. 
  •  It can be used to capture dirt, mud, sand, and dust from shoes. The mat is machine washable and easy to maintain, just shake it, sweep it, or shake the rug, sweep 
  • it can be thoroughly cleaned by rinsing it with water via a hose and fully air-drying.. For a deeper clean, use a hose to rinse it and fully air dry. 

7.Hello Gorgeous Bath Mat Rug for Bathroom


  •  Designed with a cool illustration, this bath mat is cute and functional. Your bathroom will be lit up and art will be incorporated into your lifestyle.
  •  A floor mat can also be used as a cushioned kitchen mat, kitchen sink rug, mat for a bedroom, back door mat, laundry mat, living room mat, office floor mat, etc. 
  •  When you step into the shower, enjoy the cool comfort of a memory foam bath mat. 
  • This rectangular bath rug features a soft flannel core, ensuring cozy comfort and chic appeal no matter where it is placed. 
  •  Non-slip & Absorbent Bath Mat Thick fabric prevents your floors from dripping water while you’re stepping out of the bath, shower, or getting ready at the sink. 
  • The PVC dots on the bath mat rug help prevent the mat from shifting when wet, ensuring the rug stays in place. 
  •  1.2cm thick, it measures 15.8″ x 23.6″ (40x60cm). It is made of 100% cotton. Small but thick & durable. 
  •  Washable Bath Mat Machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle with a mild detergent.


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