Sunnydaze Five Stream Rock cavern Tabletop fountain USA 2022

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IF find Sunnydaze Five Stream Rock Cavern Tabletop Fountain with good so you are right place we review this water fountain with led light and best choice by you.
water fountain usually use for home decor but it also helps to improve your health benefits help fo better sleep for calm your mind

Fountains are usually thought of as peaceful, majestic outdoor fountains in gardens or courtyards

The benefits of fountains are similar to those of their outdoor counterparts. Many different styles, sizes, shapes, and types of indoor home water features are available. There are six benefits of indoor water fountains you can look forward to enjoying no matter where you place one:

A relaxing atmosphere. A fountain can create a calming atmosphere in any room with the sound of trickling water. Interior water features can relax and comfort people in a variety of settings, from a sitting room in the home to a dental office waiting room. Relaxation also encourages people to stick around.
The design is beautiful and aesthetic. Indoor fountains have considerable improvements in the way they are designed, shaped, and materials they are made from. The indoor fountains of today can be used to complement and enhance a variety of styles and decor.

It improves the quality of the air. You release negative ions when the water evaporates from your indoor water features. Negative ions cleanse the air and make it more pleasant to breathe. Additionally, clean air improves your ability to think clearly and focus.
This humidifier also functions as a humidifier. Adding a wall-mounted or free-standing fountain to a room will add to its humidity. It can be useful for those who are congested as a result of a cold or illness. In addition to making your indoor plants healthier and more vibrant, increasing humidity is good for them, too.
Life is improved as a result. A home water feature can act as a great de-stressor because of its gentle trickling sound. Rest, comfort, peace, and relaxation are all enhanced. so let take to you Sunnydaze Five Stream Rock Cavern Tabletop fountain.

buying guide for tabletop water fountains


  • The design consists of tiers that reflect natural elements such as waterfalls, gardens, orbs, and flowers.
  • Material – You may choose from materials like poly raisin, polycarbonate, fiberglass, rock, and ceramic.
  • Choose a fountain that uses a minimal amount of water and that does not emit a lot of noise when it recirculates.
  • Weight – lightweight indoor fountains are easy to install and are perfect for any placement.
  • Convenience of setup
  • It’s easy to clean
  •  A durable product
  • Dimensions and fit
  • Considering Value and Price

1.Sunnydaze Five Stream Rock cavern Tabletop fountain

Sunnydaze Tabletop Fountain is easy to set up; simply add water and  plug it in to get it started. As part of the fountain, there are 5 steps rock falls that are also equipped with three LED lights. Since the materials used in this fountain are tough, durable, and weather resistant, it will last a very long time.

With the submersible pump this fountain recirculates water to the top after cascading down all its tiers. There is no sight of the power cord since it has been installed behind the fountain. In the back, you can access the light and pump through a camouflaged door. Water fountains are equipped with a soothing ambience as they are illuminated by 3 LED lights.



  •  Measures 9.5 inches wide, 6.75 inches deep, and 13.5 inches tall, weighing 7 pounds
  • A polyresin/fiberglass material makes this indoor fountain lightweight and easy to move 
  • *Colors may vary slightly from those shown on the screen
  • There are LED lights on the bottom level, a camouflaged back door, and a submersible electric pump so there is no plumbing necessary. 
  • Just plug it into a standard indoor electrical outlet and you’re done
  • The water feature runs on a Yuanhua PT-300-70LV recirculating submersible electric pump; Pumps 79 GPH; 1/4″ hose diameter  

2.Sunnydaze Tabletop Fountain with LED Lights 5 Step Rock 

Simple to assemble, Sunnydaze Tabletop Fountain requires only water and electricity to operate. Five steps rock falls are included in the fountain, as are three LED lights. Because of its polyresin and fiberglass materials, this fountain will last for a long time and be easy to move around.  

The submersible pump recirculates water around all the tiers of this fountain after it has fallen. Since the power cord is behind the fountain, it is not visible. There are two camouflaged doors behind the light, which allow access to the pump. The fountain is lit by LED lighting, footpads that protect tabletop surfaces, 



  • Size: 9.5 inches wide x 14 inches tall x 7.5 inches deep, weighs 6 pounds; Ideal for a desk or shelf in an office, living room, or bedroom
  • The polyresin and fiberglass material ensures that the fountain will last a long time and can be easily moved around for a personalized look
  • A tabletop fountain with a calming sound of water, foot pads to protect your tabletop, 
  • LED lighting to illuminate the fountain, and a quiet submersible pump to ensure your comfort
  • Simply connect the fountain to an electrical outlet and add water; The backside door can be quickly accessed to access the pump and lighting; 
  • There is no need to install plumbing.
  • Sunnydaze Decor provides its customers with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty  


3.Sunnydaze 6 Tier Stone Falls Tabletop Water Fountain with LED Lights

This indoor water fountain has a realistic stone-like appearance and a quiet pump that will help you relax after a long day at work.
A small LED lights up at the bottom of each tier of the fountain. Light reflects off of the water as it moves, creating a dancing lights effect that draws in the eye and makes this fountain a stunning piece of indoor decor.

Sunnydaze Stacked Rocks fountain has received almost exclusively positive reviews, making it one of the best indoor fountains. The setup instructions for the fountain have been criticized by a few users as unclear.

Despite being made of polyresin, this fountain is small and light enough to be placed almost anywhere.
Additionally, the bottom of the fountain has pads that are quite nice. The pads on this fountain prevent it from scratching wood tables and other surfaces since they are soft and cushioned.


  •  A great accent for any fountain décor, this clock measures 10 inches wide by 7 inches deep by 15 inches high
  • Construction Material Polyresin and fiberglass ensure that this fountain will last a long time and can be moved around to match your décor style. 
  • *Colors may vary slightly from screenshots
  • Includes one tabletop fountain, a camouflaged pump access door at the back, foot pads to protect your table surface, LED lighting to illuminate the fountain, 
  • and a quiet submersible pump so you can relax to the soothing sounds of running water.
  • Simply plug in the fountain and add water, no plumbing required
  • Sunnydaze Decor covers its products with 1-year manufacturer’s warranties to ensure worry-free purchases  


4.Sunnydaze 14-Inch Towering Cave Waterfall Indoor Tabletop Water Fountain



  •  Perfect for home or office: 8.5″ x 4.5″ x 14″. Weighs 4.6 pounds. Holds 3.5 cups of water.
  •  The fountain is a great addition to the cubicle or desk at the office or to the table and kitchen counter at home.
  • Adding flowing water to the bedroom, dining room, living room, or hallway can be a luxurious touch
  • Includes everything you need to build the water feature right away, including the fountain with built-in, 
  • LED lighting and one electric submersible pump with a 0.25″ hose diameter and 6-foot power cord. No plumbing or complicated installation needed with the 
  • Features adjustable water flow pump; Built-in LED light ring with 20 lumens and 2500-3000 Kelvin color temperature; Recirculating pump
  •  Features an LED light ring in the middle tier;
  • Waterfall fountain will add a sense of calm and soothing to any indoor space. 
  • Made of durable polyresin, this indoor water feature replicates the look of a natural stone waterfall. Water cascades down each tier into the basin below.
  • At night, it gives off a gorgeous glow with its LED light integrated into its cascading water
  • It’s the perfect accent to enjoy in the evening after sunset  


5.Sunnydaze Split Mossy Rock Falls Cascading Tabletop Water Fountain with LED Light

Simple to assemble, Sunnydaze Split Mossy Rock Falls Cascading Tabletop Water Fountain with LED Light – Calming and Soothing

Water and electricity are needed to operate. There are six steps rock falls in the fountain, as well as three LED lights. Durable polyresin material as well as fiberglass ensure the long-term durability of this water fountain  

This fountain recirculates water after it has fallen around all its tiers with the help of a submersible pump. Power cords are not visible due to the fact that they are behind the fountain. The pump is behind two camouflaged doors. LED lights illuminate the fountain, footpads protect the tabletop, and water sprays are provided. 



  •  It is small enough to fit on a desk or table at work or home, measuring 9 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 14 inches tall; weighs 5 pounds
  • Premium quality polyresin and fiberglass ensure the long-lasting durability of the water fountain
  • The sound of water gently cascading down and recirculating back up is soothing and relaxing. This waterfall also supports foot pads to protect your table surface, a LED light, and an electric submersible pump for quiet operation.
  • It’s easy to use: just add water to the bowl and plug it into a standard electrical outlet
  • Sunshine Decor guarantees the quality of its products for one year  


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